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Map of Alabama: Alabama is the southeastern region of the US’s state. It is surrounded by different regions like Mississippi from the west side, Tennessee from the north side, Gulf of Mexico and Florida from the south side, Georgia from the east side.

Map of Alabama

Map of Alabama

About Alabama

Alabama is also called as yellowhammer state, Abd after state bird it is also known by cotton state or heart of Dixie.

Alabama’s capital is city Montgomery. Alabama is united states’ 30th largest and 24th most populous (I.e. having more population).

As after civil war and world war Alabama is suffered financial crises because of that it has to depend on agriculture region. During this hardship period, Alabama becomes more diversified from the primary.

In 21st centuries countries, the financial condition is specifically dependent on management, automotive, finance, manufacturing, mineral extraction, healthcare, schooling, retail and other advanced technology.


  1. Pre-European settlement- homegrown people of different traditions live in the area of many years before colonization of European peoples.

In between the community of hometown American peoples which are living in the current day in Alabama at European contacts with Cherokee, Muskogean, Chickasaw, Choctaw, creek and Koasati.

  1. European settlement – European were the first who came to Alabama in 16th After 160 years, French has found the that area’s European settlement at old mobile in year of 1702.

After that city was shifted to a mobile city in the year of 1711.that area was ruled by French citizens after 1702 as a small portion of la Louisiana.

Origin (ancestry)

According to the survey carried out in the year of 2010, Alabama had the residence of the total number of 4,779,735.

There are about 68% of ethnic peoples (white) and 26% of peoples of African America (black),3.9% of Hispanic peoples,1.1% Asia’s peoples,0.6% of peoples who are Alaska natives,0.1 % are Hawaii natives,2% are from other regions and remaining 1.5 are from other two and more natives.

In the year of 2011, Alabama’spopulace are mostly young ones who are below age 1 minority.

One of the largest reported ancestry groups in Alabama is African’s, English, Irish, German’s, scots Irish. Alabama’s originated peoples are mostly of British or English.


Around 95.1% of Alabama’s residence of young age (5 years old or older than that) are preferred to speak generally English. Alabama’s English is predominantly of the southern kind. Some of Alabama’s English include unique words like redworm, dog irons. French harp, plum peach, snack feeder and doctor, peckerwood.

Some non-English languages spoken in Alabama’s are as follows with the percentage of peoples speaking it –

  1. Spanish language: 2.2% of populations speak.
  2. German language: 0.4% of the population speaks.
  3. French language:0.3 % of the population speaks this language.
  4. Chinese, other African languages, Japanese, Italian languages: 0.1 % of people speak.


Alabama’s industrial sectors consist of steel and iron products, paper, lumber, other wood products, mining, plastic products, trucks and cars.

Also, Alabama makes aerospace and electronics products, most of which are located in Huntsville. Because of the manufacturing industry, Alabama’s economic growth was increased.

There are many units of manufacturing like Honda, Hyundai, Mercedes Benz, and Toyota manufacturing motor in the Alabama region.


Alabama is actually a state of the southern region of united states. It is the most diversified city and also which consist of many manufacturing units of multinational companies such as Honda Motors, Hyundai Motors, Etc.

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