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Map of Cuba: Cuba is a country located in the northern Caribbean at the amalgamating point of the Caribbean Sea, Gulf of Mexico and the Atlantic Ocean. Cube is basically a collection of islands. Cuba has a total area of 109,884 km2 or 42,426 square miles. As per 2017 estimates Cuba’s total population is 11,221,060 people with a population density of 264 people per square mile or 102 per km2. Cuba’s culture resembles the culture of Latin America. It is a multi-ethnic country. It is greatly influenced by past Taino and Ciboney peoples, periods of Spanish Colonisation, African slaves and a close relationship with the Soviet Union has carved its customs, peoples, culture, and heritage.

Map of Cuba

Top 20 Map of Cuba Printable Images 2019

Cuba’s neighbors are U.S states of Florida and Bahamas, Haiti, Jamaica, and Mexico. Among the archipelago (cluster/chain of Islands) Cuba is the major island surrounded by 4 other small islands. These are the Colorados archipelago, the Sabana-Camaguey, Jardines de la Reina and the Canarreos archipelago located on the north-western, north-central, south-central, and the southwestern coast of Cuba, respectively.

Cuba has a tropical climate which is moderated by the north-easterly winds blowing year-round. Caribbean current also affects the climate and makes this region hot. From November to April there is a dry season and from May to October, there prevails a rainy season. September and October months are known for hurricanes. Cuba is located at the entrance of the Gulf of Mexico and in the Caribbean Sea makes it prone to hurricanes.

Initially, tourism in Cuba was limited to “enclave tourism”. Which meant that foreign tourists were not allowed to communicate with the Cuban peoples. It was illegal between 1992 and 1997. During the “Special Period” the period of great depression for Cuban economy tourism in Cuba picked up speed. There are 9 UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Cuba, amongst them 7 are sites of cultural significance and 2 are natural. Old Havana the UNESCO World Heritage site, Varadero one of Cuba’s beach destination, Trinidad town another World Heritage site with its marvelous beauty, Cayo Coco, Baracoa, Havana’s seafront promenade the Malecon, Che Guevara Mausoleum in Santa Clara etc are some of the many historic and amazing sites Cuba contains.

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