Map of Dallas

Dallas is one of the city of United States in Texas. Dallas was founded by john Neely Bryan in November 1841. Dallas is located in the county seat of Dallas country and it is extended into the neighbouring counties which are Collin, Denton, Kaufman and Rockall. The total area of Map of Dallas is around 385.8 square miles which approximately 999.3 km square in which 117.4 km square is water and 881.9 km square is land.

Map of Dallas

There are several buildings which are over 700 feet in height. The neighbourhood cities of Dallas are central Dallas, east Dallas and southern Dallas.  The areas in Dallas are almost flat and the city was founded near the Trinity River. The climate in Dallas is humid and summers in Dallas are very hot and humid and the hottest month in Dallas are July and august and the temperatures reaches around 36 degree Celsius in summers.

Map of Dallas Map of Dallas Map of Dallas

Map of Dallas Texas

The highest temperature in Dallas in summer is around 45 degree Celsius. Winters in Dallas are mild with average temperature in winter is around 8.3 degree Celsius and January is the coldest month in winters. In 2010 population of Dallas was around 1,197,816 and there 50% population is white and 24.8% of people are black and rest of them are American Indian and Alaska native.

Map of Dallas Texas Map of Dallas Texas Map of Dallas Texas

Dallas Weather

Most practiced religion in Dallas is Christianity followed Muslims and Buddhist community and also a small amount of sikh people are also residing in Dallas and there are three gurudwaras in Dallas. Dallas is heavily dependent on depends on farming and trading. Dallas has the largest cotton market in the world.

Dallas Weather Dallas Weather Dallas Weather

Dallas Map

The famous cuisine in Dallas are barbecue, tex mex cuisine and frozen margarita. There are various arts and museum in Dallas some of are Dallas museum of art, Dallas symphony orchestra and Dallas wind symphony. There are various events held in Dallas but the famous one is state fair of Texas which is held every year in Fair Park since 1886 it is a massive event and estimated expenditure on this event is around $350 million.

Dallas Map Dallas Map Dallas Map

Dallas Map Zip Codes

In Dallas there are six major sports team, Dallas cowboys is a football team, Dallas mavericks is a basketball team, Texas ranger is baseball team, Dallas stars is a hockey team and fc Dallas is a soccer team and Dallas wings is a women basketball team. The government system in Dallas is council- manager government that there is city manager and 14 council members representing 14 districts of the city. There are total 89 private and 337 public schools and 38 colleges in Dallas.

Dallas Map Zip Codes Dallas Map Zip Codes Dallas Map Zip Codes


Road Map of Dallas County

The  Dallas County map with cities and neighborhoods is shared here with the details of the lakes and boundaries. You can save these maps in JPG format from this website. These are printable so grab them and print using printer and paper. we have listed the high quality maps of the Dallas here.

Map of Dallas Neighborhoods
Map of Dallas Neighborhoods
Map of Dallas County
Map of Dallas County
printable Map of Dallas Area
printable Map of Dallas Area

There are various points of attraction in Dallas which attracts tourists like sixth floor museum it exhibits at JFK assassination site, Dallas world aquarium which famous foe exotic animals in replica habitats, dealey plaza site of JFK assassination, Map of Dallas sum of art is famous for art collection spanning 5000 years, Dallas zoo is famous because it consists of 2000 animals in 95 acre of area and white rock lake is also famous among the tourists as it has lake, park, garden, kayaking and bird watching these are all the things which attracts tourism in Dallas.

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