Map of Miami

Miami is one of the city of Florida and it is the major port city on the Atlantic coast south Florida which is located in south eastern part of united states. it is the second most populated city in the south eastern united states. Population of Miami is around 5.5 million. Map of Miami is the leader a major centre of attraction for finance, commerce, culture, media, entertainment, arts and international al trade.

Map of Miami

It is ranked 7th in United States for business activity and human capital. It is the one of cleanest city in United States and it is also the richest city in United States, Miami is also known as or nick named ad “capital of Latin America”. Miami was founded by Julia Tuttle on 28 July, 1896 with a population of just 300 residents.

Map of Miami Map of Miami Map of Miami

Map of Miami Florida

Miami is located in plains between Florida everglades in west and Biscayne Bay in east and Florida bay in north. It is just 40ft or 12m just above the sea level. The average temperature in Miami is around 28 degree Celsius and July is the hottest month in Miami whereas January is the coldest month with temperature around 20 degree Celsius October is the month when there is heavy rain with an average of 234mn.

Map of Miami Florida Map of Miami Florida Map of Miami Florida

Weather Map of Miami Florida

Most of the people speak Spanish in Miami and other speak English and day by day people who speak English are declining as they are moving away from the city. Most of the people residing in Miami follows Christianity and some other religion are also prevails in Miami which are Judaism, Islam, Buddhism and Hinduism. In Miami there are various cultural programs like calle ocho festival and many other programs which attracts tourism as well as artist to Miami.

Weather Map of Miami Florida Weather Map of Miami Florida Weather Map of Miami Florida

Miami Map

In Miami there are mainly four sports team. Miami dolphins is a football team plays in national football league, Miami heat is a basketball team, Miami marlins is a baseball team and Florida panthers is a hockey team. There is mayor commissioner type system in Miami and it consists of five commissioner. There are various private and public schools in Miami and various colleges and universities which almost enrolled about 20000 student’s every year in Miami.

Miami Map Miami Map Miami Map

Miami Map by Zip Code

There are various transportation facilities available in like airport, port Miami and many public transport like metro, rail and buses are available in Miami. There are many points of attraction in Miami which attracts tourists to Miami, vizcaya museum and garden is famous for antiques, art and garden on Biscayne bay, Miami sea aquarium is popular for sea life and water shows, jungle island is famous for tiger.

Miami Map by Zip Code Miami Map by Zip Code Miami Map by Zip Code

Jungle safari and amusement park, coral castle is famous for sculptures which is carved from coral, venetian pool is a historic swimming spot with waterfalls, south pointe park is famous for scenic and seafront outdoor recreation spot, bay front park is a gathering place with big fountain, dolphin mall is famous for theatre and bowling and Matheson hammock park is beach for family swimming these are all the famous places which attracts tourism in Map of Miami.

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