Map of Rome

Rome is the capital of Italy and located in the region of Lazio, Rome also serves as the capital of the Lazio region. The rome has a unique form of government known as Special Comune in Roman language ‘ Roma Capitale’. the body of government in Rome Is called as Rome City Council, the current mayor of Rome is the Virginia Raggi (MSS). The Map of Rome does not have a huge composition of land area in total, which is about 1,285 km sq. with an elevation of 21m.

Map of Rome

Map of Rome Map of Rome Map of Rome

Map is a very important item for a person who is travelling from one country to another as map will help you to locate the places easily and will also provide a route to reach your destination  and every time you cannot your phone for maps as using maps application in your mobile will drain your battery and when you are travelling mobiles phones are the very important thing so to save your mobile phone battery here in this post I am providing printable maps which you can use by taking print out of it and saving you battery for emergency situation.

Rome Map

Rome Map Rome Map Rome Map

According to its land composition the population of Rome is quite large, the rome has a total population of 2,873,874 (commune) which ranks 1st in Italy, the population of the metropolitan city of Rome is 4,357,041. The time zone of Rome is CET (UTC+1).Maps are also very important in education as in political science, students are taught about the geographical location of the countries and the cities and this printable maps will help them to explore and learn more and help them to learn quickly about that area or country.

Subway Map of Rome

Subway Map of Rome Subway Map of Rome Subway Map of Rome

There are many tourist places in Rome which is attracts tourists here are, Colosseum which is famous for iconic-ancient Roman gladiatorial arena, St. Peter’s Basilica which is famous for World’s largest basilica of Christianity, Trevi Fountain which is famous for Iconic 18th-century sculpted fountain, Roman Forum which is famous for Excavated heart of the Roman Empire, Pantheon which is famous for Landmark Roman Church and historic tombs, Piazza Navona which is famous for Elegant square with a fountain and bars.

Map of Rome Italy

Map of Rome Italy Map of Rome Italy Map of Rome Italy

There is lot more stuff to do in Rome, so go and explore the uniqueness of Rome. Here in this post, I will provide you the printable map of rome in the form of PDF as well as in jpeg format which is of very high quality. You just have to click on the link which is provided in this post and the map will download on your pc or mobile you can take the print out of the map or can use it in your mobile or computer.

Rome Map Ancient

Rome Map Ancient Rome Map Ancient Rome Map Ancient

This printable map will save your time and the maps of county are not available easily in the market and if try to find out in market then it will take so much of time and hard work and there are very fewer chances that you will get the map so to save you time I am providing you printable map and in this map the important and tourist places are highlighted for your convenience.

The printable maps which we are providing are of high quality and all the details which are provided are 100 percent correct and updated. So just take the print out of this printable Map of Rome and enjoy your trip.  

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