Top 20 Map of Turkey Printable Images 2019 [100% Free Download in HD]

The Republic of Turkey is a transcontinental country located in Eurasia the common name used to call Asia and Europe combined. The Republic of Turkey or Turkey falls in two continents Asia and Europe. It is located in Western Asia with some parts falling in the Balkan peninsular region of the Southern European continent and for you, we have the best map.

The total area of turkey is 783,356 km2 or 302,455 square miles. Turkey has a population of 80,810,525 people as per 2017 estimates. The country has a borderline surrounded by 8 different countries and 3 seas. On the northeast is Georgia, on the northwest are Bulgaria and Greece, Armenia, Azerbaijan, and Iran on the east side and on the south are Syria and Iraq. On three sides it is encircled by sea, Aegon sea to its west, the Black Sea to the north and the Mediterranean Sea to the south of Turkey.

Map of Turkey Printable Images 2019

Map of Turkey Printable Images 2019

The Turkish flag is a moon and star on a red background. The flag holds great religious and patriotic value to its people. It’s a known fact that Turkish people are very patriotic towards their nation and government. Turkey is a young country with the majority of its population under 30 years of age. Most spoken language in Turkey is Turkish, followed by Kurmanji, Arabic, Zaza, Kabardian and some other minority languages.

The Turkish language is officially the language of Turkey. Turkey has a diverse history and culture. It is inhabited by various ethnic groups like Turks, Kurds, Arabs, Circassians, Bosniaks, and Laz. Majority of its citizens are Turks somewhere around 70-80%, which makes all the other groups a minority. Turkey is a secular country with a parliamentary form of government and a presidential system.

Turkey because of its varied geography and borders with the sea has a very diverse climate. The areas near the coastline of Aegean and Mediterranean seas have a temperate Mediterranean climate whereas the coastal area near the Black sea has a temperate oceanic climate. Areas near the Marmara Sea which separates European and Asian parts of Turkey and connects the Black Sea and the Aegean Sea have a climate which falls in-between the temperate Mediterranean and a temperate oceanic climate.

Turkish culture is a unique blend of Turkic, Anatolian and Ottoman, and Western culture. Turkey tried to westernize maintaining its own culture and religious and historic values. The resulting culture that we see now is amazing and one of a kind. The impacts are clearly visible in Turkish art, literature, architecture, food, and music.

Turkey is one of the founding members of organizations OECD and G-20. Turkey is the 14th largest producer of automobiles. Besides the automotive industry and shipbuilding, other industries such as home appliances, electronics, banking, textiles, and petrochemical are key industries of Turkey.

The tourism industry has also found its place and shown exceptional growth in the last 2 decades. In 2014 it was ranked 6th most popular holiday destination in the world with around 42 million foreign tourists. But the number has declined continuously since then because of various political uncertainties and tensions.

Turkey is home to 17 UNESCO World Heritage Sites and 2 of the seven wonders of the Ancient times, the Mausoleum at Halicarnassus and the Temple of Artemis. Both are now in ruins. There are various religious and heritage sites gracing the land of Turkey.

The ancient city of Troy, Aya Sofya, Ephesus ruins of a Roman city, Cappadocia rock valley, Topkapi Palace of the Ottoman Era, Pamukkale the pure white rock terraces, Mount Nemrut an archaeological site that is beautiful in its own weird way, are some of the wonders awaiting you in Turkey.

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